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your key concierge

Keyholding Concierge Services

Keyholding Concierge Services in Kent and East Sussex

In East Sussex or Kent? Working too many hours? Long distance commuter? Frequent traveller? Single working parent? Need someone you can trust as a keyholder to help manage your property?

If you are one of these and live in East Sussex or Kent, we may be the solution. Our one call, secure keyholding concierge service can fit your needs.

We offer flexible home management and concierge keyholding contracts to meet your individual property management needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach to our keyholding concierge business in East Sussex and Kent. We can give you back your peace of mind and time.


As a keyholding concierge business in East Sussex and Kent we can:

  • Talk to and manage contractors on your behalf and let them in to your home to carry out property maintenance.
  • As keyholders, make regular visits to check your home and property.
  • Arrange gardening, cleaning and other property maintenance services.
  • Carry out minor tasks as part of regular visits as concierge keyholders.
  • Take deliveries.
  • Provide 24 hour/7 day a week emergency cover if you are away and we are keyholders. This includes being called out to alarms.

You can:

  • Relax because one call to us as concierge keyholders looks after your property management, maintenance and security.
  • Trust us to act in a professional manner and in your interests.
  • Have peace of mind with our secure keyholding concierge service.

What our clients say

A totally reliable and trustworthy keyholding service and keeps us informed of any difficulties with our property.
G and K J London and near Rye

A property management service that combines common sense, honesty and total reliability.
Russell Pett Level

I can leave my home when away on holiday without any worries.
E L Fairlight

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