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Home Check and Secure Keyholding

Home Check and Secure Keyholding in Kent and East Sussex

An East Sussex or Kent homeowner and away from home on holiday or business? Worried about your empty home and property, its security and maintenance? Need a secure keyholder to carry out home checks on your property?

Many home insurance policies will not pay out if your home remains empty and without home checks. You can inform your insurance company of the keyholding and home check security arrangements made with us.

  • We will carry out an initial home check and inspection of your property to look at risk areas.
  • Regular property and home checks, at a frequency agreed with you. Flexible keyholding contracts for your home security.
  • With our home check, keyholding service, internal and external checks for; security, vandalism, weather damage, water ingress, pest damage, electrical failure, winter heating and any other property maintenance needs.
  • 24 hour/7 day a week keyholding property emergency cover and alarm call out.
  • Emergency repairs and property maintenance undertaken by reputable local tradesmen to ensure your home security.
  • Mail removed from doormat and forwarded as part of our home checks.
  • Plants watered as part of our home checks.
  • Cleaning and gardening services arranged by your keyholder and your home checked and prepared for your return.

Each home check visit is followed up with a report, emailed to you if required and/or a short “all OK with your property” text message. If in any doubt, we will endeavour to contact you immediately.

What our clients say

A totally reliable and trustworthy keyholding service and keeps us informed of any difficulties with our property.
G and K J London and near Rye

A property management service that combines common sense, honesty and total reliability.
Russell Pett Level

I can leave my home when away on holiday without any worries.
E L Fairlight

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